Why internet is not connecting with my Roku device ?

If your internet is not connecting to your Roku device or if it is connecting and keep on disconnecting again. Then you need to just turn of your router and wait for at least 30 seconds and then try to reconnect again.

If it is not connecting then try to reset your Roku device and try once again.

How to reset my Roku device ?

you can reset your roku device by following the simple steps.
press settings then go to system.
then Advanced system settings
factory rest everything
you need to enter the 4 digits pin code which is available on the bottom and it will reset everything.

How to Hard reset Roku Tv ?

On the back of your Tv there is reset button or small pin hole. you just need to press in that hole by using paper pins and it will do hard reset your Tv.

How much should be the ideal distance between Roku tv and router ?

The ideal distance it should not be more than 10 feet if you want fast streaming on your Roku.

Why my Netflix is not working on my Tv it was working fine then it started buffering ?

If you are getting any error while watching Netflix on your Roku the you just need to logout your Netflix from your tv and try to re-login again.

Can I watch my Xfinity Cable channels on my Roku without having a cable box ?

Yes, You can access your all Xfinity channels through Xfinity App available on Roku by the name of Xfinity Beta. Once you will launch this application which will give you activation code for Xfinity and you just need to Login with your Xfinity details and you will be able to watch Xfinity channels.

Do Roku Provide Live channels free of cost?

No, Roku does not provide any live channel free of cost as Roku provides only pre-recorded channels. If you want to watch live Channels you need to get subscriptions for paid channels.

How to Fix Error code 014.14 ?

You need to reboot your Roku device and wireless network both because it is the error of network. you can also try to connect any other network or your phone hotspot if Roku is connecting with that it means it can be a problem with your internet password as well.

Do I need to have account with Roku?

Yes, you need to have an account with Roku because without Roku account you would not be able to access your Roku tv and you can enter the code which displayed on your Tv in your account and it will start updating the channel.

Do I need my credit card in order to sign up with Roku ?

Roku does not charge for activation and support services and if you want to get any paid channel then might need to add your credit card.