Power on Roku Streaming Player

Connect Your Roku To Internet

Sign In with Roku Account & Enjoy Free Channels & Movies

Note : All the Roku devices will be inserted in HDMI’s port of TV’s and Roku TV does not need a separate unit of Roku because it has inbuilt Roku Operating System.

you need to connect your Cable box with TV and you can watch cable channels as well.

if you are using a streaming device then you need to use your TV remote and find option INPUT or SOURCE to Change the HDMI port to cable box and you can watch that.

if you are using Roku TV then you just need to select HDMI option on home screen and watch cable channels.

Connect Cable Box To Roku

What Can I Watch on Roku ?

Once all the channels updated then you will reach to Home screen of Roku.

You will find the option name streaming channels on bottom left side of your TV screen upon clicking on that you will get Roku Channels and other free streaming channels which you can watch free of cost.

Live Channels Available on Roku

You can have free trial of Month with Netflix and amazon prime of one month then you can directly pay to these companies every month.

Channels which Required Subscription

Search Directly That You Want To Watch

On the Top there is a box named search channels in which you can just type the name of the channel and you can directly add that channel in your List.

Through your Remote you can directly open Netflix from there.